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Betfair horse racing system bears a strong similarity to the systems often found on the stock exchange market, with the back and lay options comparing to the buying and selling of derivatives. For those well familiar with the horse racing market, it is easy to spot that the horse prices tend to increase or decrease dramatically several hours prior to the race start. There’s no rational explanation for that except for crowd effect. Punters change horse prices under the influence of tipping services, horse racing news, friendly advice and many other crowd-oriented factors.

4 November 2011  Strategies
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Betfair is all about liquidity: the more people trade, the easier it is to find a matching bet. Therefore, to increase their liquidity, Betfair offers monetary incentives to everyone who brings new potential traders. Each friend you introduce to Betfair can earn you between £25 and £50. Moreover, extra bonuses of up to £2,000 are available, if your friends keep playing.

16 April 2011  Tutorials
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Laying the draw system can be successfully used in the football betting sector, where draws are highly unpredictable but occur in 25-30% of the matches. Laying the draw is among the simplest Betfair trading systems that guarantee profits regardless of the outcome. The best part is that the strategy is completely legit, since unlike ordinary bookmakers, Betfair has a financial interest in your success.

8 April 2011  Strategies
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We all heard that convincing and tragic story about 1% percent of the world population that actually manages to make a living from betting. The rest, as we were assured, are losers, who are unable to make a long term profit. And quite frankly, the story makes sense when you think of a lone punter who faces a huge financial body known as the bookmaker. Or, to be more precise, it made sense. Once.

12 December 2010  Tutorials